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Matthew Abott Nights at the Gun Bar
Matthew Abott

Mathew Abbott is a 2011 Australian Poetry Fellow. He has taught poetry, criticism, film, political theory. His first collection will be published by Australian Poetry in November.

Melissa Ashley is a creative writing PhD student from the University of Queensland, department of English, Media Studies and Art History.

Empirical Adventures through an Architectural Wonderland
Beate Adfectus

Beate Adfectus is Jade Cantwell, Angela Woda and Kara Bombell. The triumvirate combined their efforts in the summer of 2009. Lest cutting and pasting they lay waste their lives, they craft and dream from a splendorous tool kit which involves architecture, film, web, photography and anything else they can get their grubby hands on.

Australian Matter and Memoir
Vanessa Barbay

Vanessa Barbay is currently undertaking practice-based PhD research in painting at the ANU with the support of a University Research Scholarship. She is investigating the representation of animals in painting and the significance of materials to painting practice.

Leigh Blackall is a researcher, developer and commentator of things networked and social media. He is based at the University of Canberra, where he is employed to contribute to developmental work, and directional thinking.

Land, Space, Language
Bethanie Blanchard

Bethanie Blanchard is a Melbourne writer and literature PhD candidate. She is currently Associate Producer of the Emerging Writers’ Festival and Editor of antiTHESIS Journal.

Chris Brown is a poet and teacher living in Newcastle. His poems have been published in Cordite, The Overland Southerly and other Journals. He is working on a first book called ‘ hotel universo’.

Art Therapy and Social Change
Scott Brown

Scott Brown’s work is focused upon the space where performance, technology and design meet. It is often a reflection upon our own behaviour, as much as it is an investigation of the technology we bring into our everyday lives.

Nights at the Gun Bar
Melinda Bufton

Melinda Bufton is a poet, fiction writer and good-time bureaucrat.  Most recently she has been published in The Age, Rabbit and Steamer.

Text, sound, Inscription
Ben Byrne

Ben Byrne is a musician, artist, academic, writer and organiser whose work traverses installation, contemporary music and sound theory.

Susan Cairns

Susan Cairns is a museum geek and vintage fashion tragic. Deep into her PhD at The University of Newcastle, Suse is examining the evolving philosophical role of online museum collections.

Liz Cameron is an indigenous artist and Academic at the University of Newcastle. She is now undertaking Masters by research in Indigenous arts and healing.

Art, Activism and Community
Laura Castagnini

Laura Castagnini is a Melbourne based curator, writer, and member of Wemakeus collective. She is currently the Curatorial Assistant at Anna Pappas Gallery and was recently awarded the NAVA Curator Mentorship Award to fund the development of a project about humour and feminist art to be held at Margaret Lawrence Gallery in 2013. In 2010 Laura lived in New York on an Australia Council grant to fund an internship at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Feminist Art Centre, Brooklyn Museum, while simultaneously working at MoMA Ps1 as the Administrative Intern in the Director’s Office. In 2010 she curated “Re/Gendered” at Platform Artist Group Inc., finished a thesis about feminist contemporary art and produced Tape Projects’ ‘100 Proofs’ exhibition for the 2010 Next Wave Festival. She was the 2009 Curator in Residence at Platform Artist Inc., and in 2008 she co-initiated and managed an artist run space, O Projects. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma (Art History) from University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting) from Monash University and has exhibited in Australia, Italy and Japan.Nights at the Gun Bar

Eileen Chong is a Sydney poet and an Australian Poetry Fellow for 2010-2011. Her chapbook will be published in November 2011. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Creative Arts at UWS.

Breakfast reading
Tessa Chudy

Tess Chudy is currently completing a PHD in creative writing at Southern Cross University. She us especially interested in the intersection of gothic and noir and the role of the landscape in fiction and the idea of creating an internal reality in my work. She is also a visual artist and has lived on the mid north coast of NSW all her life.

Michael Farrell

Michael Farrell has published a handful of books including most recently thempark and Out of the Box: Contemporary Lesbian and Gay Poets(coedited with Jill Jones). He is writing a Phd on the ‘unsettled texts of early Australia’.

Critical Consumption
Sj Finch

Sj Finch is a PhD student at Curtin University. He manages a literary journal called ‘dotdotdash’. He lives in squalor and is allergic to bees.

Landscape of Crisis
Emma Fraser and Clancy Wilmott

Emma Fraser is currently completing her MA Thesis on Walter Benjamin and ruins, which sometimes involves photographing decaying buildings in Pripyat, New York, Berlin.

Clancy Wilmott is in between and doing this for fun, having recently completed an Honours degree in mobile mapping. In the meantime she’s searching for a map to the future.

Landscape of Crisis / science
Rebecca Giggs

Rebecca Giggs is a writer from Western Australia, recently relocated to Sydney. Her work concerns critical interventions in environmental crisis.

Petit Presses
Keri Glastonbury

Keri Glastonbury is a lecturer in Creative Writing at The University of Newcastle and past Director of Critical Animals.

animation absurd
Iolanthe Iezzi

Iolanthe Iezzi is a Melbourne based artist working primarily in the mediums of film and video. She also works with photography, sculpture, installation and short story writing.

The Empiricism of Love
Nick Keys

Nick Keys is a writer based in sydney, also studying an mfa at bard college, in new york.

Landscape of Crisis
Sophie Lamond

Sophie Lamond is a student. She is writing a thesis about polar art, currently she is not sure if she will finish before the ice caps melt.

Leah Landau is a graduate of Postgraduate Dance Animateuring (VCA 2010). She has performed in works by Gareth Hart, Martin del Amo and Dario Varcirca, and considers Ros Warby, Helen Herbertson, Silvia Mercuriali (Rotozaza), Nikki Heywood and Teresa Blake (desoxy Theatre) as strong influences on her current work. Most recent highlights include choreographing and performing in her own solo improvised work Shedding (2010) and two thanks (2010), choreography and direction for Holiday (Winner of Best Production, MudFest 2009) and various musicals, plays and revues.

Nights at the Gun Bar
Astrid Lorange

Astrid Lorange is a PhD student, teacher and poet. Her books include Eating and Speaking, Minor Dogs and Pussy pussy pussy what what: Or aux lait day aux lait day.

Joe Mariglio

Joe Mariglio is a sound artist who often explores alternative forms of narrative and masculinity with his work. He typically uses techniques associated with popular music in subversive, unexpected contexts.

text inscription
Carolyn McKay

Carolyn McKay is a visual artist engaged in inter-disciplinary criminology research at Sydney Law School, with an interest in creating insights and new knowledge through art practice.

Animation absurd
Cleo Mees

Cleo Mees works in video production and has a background in contemporary dance. She is currently completing her Honours in screen production at Macquarie University, Sydney.

Experimental Fault Lines
Hugo Moline

Hugo Moline works with people to make pieces of city: housing cooperatives, adaptable street furniture, hand-made maps, personalised vehicles, suburban games and conversational infrastructure. He has worked in Berlin, Lautoka, Nakhon Pathom and Sydney.

Peter Minter

Peter Minter is a leading Australian poet, editor and scholar. He is the poetry editor of Overland and teaches Indigenous Studies at the University of Sydney.

Ben Mylius

Ben Mylius, 23, is an Adelaide writer and almost legal theorist, interested in Wild Law and Performatism, nostalgia, the limits of language, and new methodological paradigms in legal theory. He’s had fiction published in Wet Ink and Visible Ink, a short screenplay produced through the MRC, and has nonfiction forthcoming in Wild Law-focussed editions of some academic journals. He reviews for Lowdown and Good Reading, and has sat on ed-coms for the dB Young Writers’ Page and the Adelaide Law Review. When he’s not finishing his LLB/BA, he’s working on a novel about two boys and a car crash.

(Event-Space, Land and Language&Art, Activism, Community)
John Olstad

John Olstad is a PhD candidate in Linguistics at the University of Newcastle from the United States with a background in experimental music, film and theatre.

Breakfast Reading
Jo Parnell

At three I was abandoned into a Children’s Home, and then placed in foster care when I was eight.  At eighteen I escaped by running away and going into nursing. Later, I trained as an artist, and then retrained as a school teacher.  Now retired, I am doing my PhD in English and Creative Writing to realise my life-long ambition and become a published writer.

William Pascoe is a Masters student at the University of Newcastle. His research includes the history of the international rubber trade, colonial contact and the governance of every day life in modernised cultures.

animation absurd
James Paul

James Paul is an animator, VJ and visual artist also a teacher, researcher and writer. Working, teaching and performing in Asia for a number of years James has returned to Australia to be awesome over here for a while. He is online at

Petit Presses
Pickaxe Publishing

Pickaxe Publishingwas established by 3 artists; Andrew Williams, David O’Donoghue & Tim Crawley. Each brings their own unique interest in publishing; methods, styles, desires, techniques, formats, tastes and mediums. Pickaxe was established as a vehicle to explore the limits of what a publication is now, in a world of many and varied technologies. It is a press that wants to explore the grey areas between ‘Old’ & ‘New’ Media, and the possibilities for what a publication can be.

text inscription
Tom Retter

Tom Retter is a PhD candidate at COFA and has also studied at the Central Academy for Fine Arts in Beijing. His current research deals with semiotics, the links between Linguistic and Daoist philosophy and their place in Chinese contemporary art.

George Rose is an artist, designer and zine maker. Find her at

Oscar Schwartz

Oscar Schwartz is writing an Honours thesis in poetics at Monash University, focusing on two contemporary Melbourne poets, Chris Mann and Pi O. He also likes logic, music and travel.

Science / Art Therapy
Carl Scrase

Carl Scrase has conducted significant research into the concept of empathy. He will be undertaking a residency at SymbioticA, UWA in 2012 where he will try to make a biological empathy virus.

Land, space, language
Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart is a currently based in Melbourne, where she is undertaking a Master of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. She graduated from the ANU in 2009 with first-class honours in English Literature. Her interests include theories of authorship, globalisation, creative non-fiction and ecopoetics. She is also a poet; some of her recent work can be found online at Cordite.

Experimental Fault Lines
Marian Tubbs

Marian Tubbs is a Sydney based artist and writer. Her recent solo exhibitions include Installation (Objects are shit …) at Eastern Bloc Gallery (June 2011), Lightning Said Being at Firstdraft Gallery (February 2011) and Assembly of Phantasms at Serial Space (September 2010). She has contributed to publications including Art Asia Pacific, Art & Australia, Locksmith Project and Un Magazine. Marian also teaches casually in the School of Art at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales where she is also undertaking a practice led PhD on experimental art. Her next exhibition will be held at Canberra Contemporary Art Space in October.

Australian Matter and Memoir
Jes Tyrrell

Jessica Tyrrell is a new media artist from Sydney who works that the intersection of installation, video, sound, audiovisual performance, online and locative media. She is currently undertaking her PhD at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

Nights at the Gun Bar
Ann Vickery

Ann Vickery is an academic, researcher and poet. Her poetry has recently appeared in Overland, Otoliths, Rabbit, and Steamer. Based in Melbourne, she was a founding member and editor of HOW2.

Peter Wildman

Peter Wildman is interested in exploring how technology can be used to build new social relationships with oneself and others by subverting current effectual interaction design trends.


In 2010 over 60 artists were involved in the program, with critical commentary, thoughtful pondering, hands-on creativity and even some maniacal musing. Download a PDF of the 2010 Critical Animals program here, or take a look at our 2010 artists…

CA Co-Director Aden Rolfe is a Melbourne-based writer, curator and radiomaker whose work traverses poetry, collage and cultural studies. He is interested in crows, memory and poetics.

Aden Rolfe

Amy Spiers is an artist interested in socially engaged and participatory art. Some of her projects include The Photobooth Project, which won the Best Special Event Award at 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival; Agents of Proximity, a collaboration with Victoria Stead which presented an artist-run travel service in Brunswick during the 2008 Next Wave Festival; and Sob Stories a handkerchief exchange that took place at the 2010 Tiny Stadiums Festival. Amy has also been a guest speaker on interdisciplinary and socially engaged art practice at TINA and the Melbourne Emerging Writer’s Festival.

Amy Spiers

Andrew Ramadge is an Australian journalist and music critic. He has written for Mess+Noise, Overland and The Weekend Australian and writes about technology for

Anna Westbrook is currently a Phd candidate in English at UNSW, after completing her honours in Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney in 2007. Anna is interested in fictionally exploring the rupture and displacement of gender roles, the growth of queer subculture and the cementing of Australian mythologies of masculinities in the aftermath of World War Two. Critically, she like monsters, the carnivalesque, the abject, affect and embodiment, historiography, liminality and demented descants about politics/erotics/poetics.

Anna Westbrook

Ari Chand is a Newcastle artist and illustrator predominantly working in watercolour and 2-D mediums. He explores the importance of the natural world, creativity and beauty in artistic practice. Moving from Queensland to study at the University of Newcastle, he has been motivated and inspired by Newcastle’s growing focus on Natural History illustration. The ability to uphold the importance of nature’s gifts and having an eco-friendly relationship with this earth is essential.

Ari Chand

Astrid Lorange is a PhD student at UTS, working on the poetry of Gertrude Stein, the process metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead and early twentieth-century philosophies of science. In 2008 she was the co-director of Critical Animals. In 2009 and 2010 she has been a visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, working alongside the English and Comparative Literature departments and with the Kelly Writers House. In Sydney, 2010 her poetry was exhibited in Geometries of Attention, a collaborative project with new-media artist René Christen. She is currently writing her thesis, working on a manuscript of poems, and teaching.

Astrid Lorange

Bastian Fox Phelan is a writer/musician/zinemaker/trans activist from Sydney. They talk a lot about gender & queer shit and they especially like getting fancy.

Bastian Fox Phelan

Bella Li is a Melbourne poet and musician. Her poems have been published in Meanjin, Cordite and the Paradise Poetry Anthology. She is one of the featured poets in the Melbourne Poetry Map project, launched at the Overload Poetry Festival in September this year.

Bella Li

Ben Byrne is an artist, musician, tutor, researcher, writer, radio producer and curator who lives and works in Melbourne and is currently writing a PhD.

Ben Byrne

Brendan Murphy teaches in the Bachelor of Multimedia Studies at the Rockhampton campus Central Queensland University. He specialises in design, digital audio and video and digital photography. Brendan is a practising photographer with a fondness for the Chinese Holga and other cheap plastic cameras. He prefers to work with and develop medium format film, then turn the negatives into digital files.

Brendan Murphy

Briohny Doyle has published poetry and criticism in Overland, Going Down Swinging, Ampersand, Voiceworks and Cordite. Her short fiction is anthologized by Cardigan Press and Noise. In 2008 she received an Ausco grant to write the solo spoken word show Meet me at The End, which was first staged in a closed off subway as part of Melbourne Fringe 2009. She has performed spoken word at the Art Gallery of NSW, MCA Sydney, and the Melbourne and Sydney Writers’ festivals. In 2010 she is an Asialink resident at Hiroshima City University, Japan, working on a collection of prose poems about apocalypse and the cinematic imagination. Her website is

Briohny Doyle

Bronwen Kamasz is a Melbourne-based puppeteer and performing artist. Her background is in the visual arts. Trained as a sculptor in WA, Bronwen developed her practise as an installation and performance artist. Puppets and dolls formed an aspect of her critical and creative explorations and in 2008 she was inspired by a symposium on puppetry at UNIMA puppet festival in Perth 2008 to apply to the VCA to do a postgrad in Puppetry in 2009. Her central thesis is an investigation in Australian stories that continue to resonate culturally across time from colonial times to now.

Bronwen Kamasz

Catherine Connolly’s video installation work examines representation in and the hyperbolic language of popular culture, particularly in cinema, and the ways in which this enforces, subverts or complicates ideas of gender, performativity and space. Her work investigates the relationships people have with these forms of representation as well as their performers. Her practice also includes painting, drawing, sculpture and curating. She has exhibited in and curated for both artist run initiatives and public galleries, including Conical, Bus Projects, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space’s Slide and Centre of Contemporary Photography.

Catherine Connolly

In 2008 Chris Morgan began postgraduate study after many years of teaching visual art. His research involves an exploration of identity in a non-contextual mode focusing on the creation of a sense of being through exhibits that allow audiences to participate and reflect on human existence. He draws upon his teaching experience to connect the universal aspects of the infant world activity to this sense of being. He works with photography for a moment in time and the moving image to create a sense of moving forward in a climate of optimism through the surrealist qualities attributed to both mediums.

Chris Morgan

Corey Wakeling is a writer of fiction and poetry based in Melbourne. He has been published in Etchings, Peril, Otoliths, and Yomimono. His performance piece The Cherry Revolver was performed at Perth’s Artrage 2005 by his band of jazz improvisers, and collaborated on Joshua Comyn’s The Girl Who Fell Asleep. He is currently completing a PhD in English at the University of Melbourne.

Corey Wakeling

Dan Koop is variously an artist and producer of new performances and events, and has worked at BAC (London), Brisbane Powerhouse and Sydney Festival.

At an early age Ekarasa Prem became actively involved in arts and creative scene. Experimental photography was her first expression with solo and collective exhibitions. In the past years she’s created and exhibited work on the theme of the circle and its sacred geometries. Meditation and singing has been an important part of her creative process and has deepened her realization of the unity between shape, color and sound. The circle is a powerful tool and by using it and other art forms she seeks out new artistic expressions utilizing a range of media in collaborative installations as a means of raising awareness, and compassion for ourselves and our environment.

Ekarasa Prem

CA Coordinator Ella O’Keefe has produced programs for The Night Air on ABC Radio National and has recorded a series of interviews and readings with Australian poets for Final Draft, a books and writing program on community radio station 2SER FM. In 2009 she completed an honours thesis at UTS examining the poetry of Barbara Guest.

Ella O'Keefe

Sydney-based free improv trio Espadrille uses traditional instruments (tenor saxophone, guitar, drum kit) and various generations of technology/electronics (radio, 1980s effects pedals, non-keyboard synthesizers). Their approach may encompass ambient, noise, groove and motivic elements, rejecting the sometimes implicit notion that free improvisation has itself become a genre typified by noisy and frenetic assaults. Their debut album, First Wave, was released in March 2010. Espadrille consists of John Encarnacao – radio, guitar and electronics; Joshua Isaac – drums and noises; Brendan Smyly – tenor saxophone and electronics.

Gareth Jenkins lectures in experimental writing practices at various Sydney-based universities. He was awarded his PhD, which explored the Outsider writing of Anthony Mannix and his schizophrenic cosmology, in 2008. His theoretical work focuses on avant-garde literature and art-makers that have experienced mental illness. He holds a Masters degree in psychology and has presented and published research in Australia, Europe and the U.S.A. He produces creative works of poetry, new media and hybrid performance. He is on the editorial board of the online literary journal Vitalpoetics, where he writes regular blog posts.

Gareth Jenkins

Harriet Johnson is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Sydney University, interested in the tradition of continental philosophy and has previously worked on the philosophical reception of the poet Friedrich Hölderlin.

Harriet Johnson

Hayley Singer is completing her Honours in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. Her current study focus is titled Painted Worlds. This study is on the invocation of painted images within written works. Her focus is specifically on the painted world of Frida Kahlo. In 2009 Hayley travelled to Mexico for research. “As the fruits of light, paintings should be viewed under the artist’s native sun” (Herbert). In 2009 Hayley was first place recipient of the Grace Marion Wilson Literary Competition for Literary Non-Fiction with her work, Life: an Exercise in Words.

Hayley Singer

Hugh Davies is an artist, researcher and former content producer at ABC Television Multiplatform. Hugh is currently employed in academia and is Chair of the Australian Network for Art and Technology.

Imogen Heath is a filmmaker and artist from Sydney, who is currently living in Berlin, Germany. Her work is concerned with experiential installation, corrupted narratives rupturing on the simultaneity of existence, exposing or concealing themselves through multiple screens and disconnected points of view. Imogen takes delight in discovering come what may from experimenting and questioning form, the intersection of sound and image, and the meaning created amongst the waves between making, perception and imagination. Imogen has won awards for cinematography, directing and experimental filmmaking. She is currently trying to decide between commencing a Masters in Fine Arts or Philosophy.

Imogen Heath

Imogen Semmler is a documentary researcher, an independent arts producer, and has moonlighted as a radio presenter. She’s been involved with numberous arts and music festivals including The Great Escape, Sydney Festival, Live Bait, The Melbourne Comedy Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe, and is founder and director of Underbelly Arts, for emerging and experimental arts in Sydney.

Ivan Cheng approaches performance with a yearning for clarity. He uses music, movement, aesthetic notions, and sensory assault to devise work.

Ivan Cheng

Ivan Smith is a physical theatre practitioner, graduate of NICA, co-creator of The Red Button, and has been performing locally and internationally since 2001.

Ivan Smith

Jade Muratore contributes regularly to Slit Magazine and studies Art Theory at COFA, UNSW. Her work focuses on the gaze, female sexual agency, abject, shame, power, and exploring pluralities of Queer and Femme identities through visual image.

Jade Muratore

Jal Nicholl is a poet living in Melbourne. His work has appeared in various places online and in print, most recently Otoliths, Arena and The Age.

Jal Nicholl

Janet Starr is studying at the University of Western Sydney and is in the final stages of a PhD that uses theories of affect, gender politics and cultural analysis in order to investigate the fag hag identity. Janet organises a fag hag float in the Sydney Mardi Gras each year and believes that the growing number of women who register for the event is convincing evidence that the fag hag identity is now considered to be an important part of gay culture. Janet believes that her dissertation will add to the limited amount of research that exists into the cultural significance of the relationship between women and gay men.

Janet Starr

Jennifer Hamilton is completing a thesis on storms in Shakespeare. She teaches English at UNSW and has begun freelance arts writing for publications like New Matilda. In her free time she rides a bike and helps her garden grow.

Jennifer Hamilton

Jessica Wilkinson is a Melbourne poet. Her work has appeared in several Australian and international journals including Southerly, Overland, HOW2 and UNUSUAL WORK.

Jessica Wilkinson

Jiann Hughes is a digital media artist and interaction designer. A PhD candidate at the University of Technology Sydney she is undertaking a practice-based investigation into embodied interactivity in digital art works. Her creative practice encompasses a number of mediums including photography, video, sound, and interactive media. Her research practice explores innovative ways of engaging the public with issues of forced displacement. She has focused on digital interactivity in projects with humanitarian organisations working extensively with asylum seekers and refugees. Jiann has been a practicing zen yoga therapist for over ten years.

Jiann Hughes

John Encarnacao is a performer and composer with a field of interest that extends from song-based work to free improvisation. He lectures in music performance and music analysis at the University of Western Sydney.

Joshua Comyn was born, raised and educated in South Africa. He is a writer of poetry and short fiction as well as a performance-maker. Past performances include The Girl Who Fell Asleep (PICA, Putting On An Act 2006) and Crow (Theatre Works, Moving Works, 2009). He is currently living in Melbourne.

Joshua Comyn

Karma Barnes recently returned home to NZ from a artist residency at the El Hayelo centre of Colombia, where she developed a series of site-specific installations works in the desert of Villa de Leyva. She has exhibited internationally in Europe, North America and Latin America. Her artistic career has spanned an array of creativity ranging through fine-arts, installation work, multi-media, textiles, masks and performance art. Her intention is to research the collective responsibility of the artist and the higher purpose of art, in order to awaken the ceremonial relationship to life that lies within the human conscience.

Karma Barnes

Keri Glastonbury teaches creative writing at the University of Newcastle, is editor for Local Consumption Publications, poetry editor for Overland and interested in fostering new local writing.

Lisa Dempster is a: writer (Neon Pilgrim); editor (The Australian Veg Food Guide); publisher (Vignette Press); Festival Director (Emerging Writers’ Festival); and blogger (

Lisa Dempster

Lucinda Strahan is a lecturer in the School of Media and Communication. She has worked extensively as an arts journalist, writer and critic and presented the panel “Contemporary Art and the Mainstream Media” at TiNA ’08.

Mike Rosenthal has worked on the logistical and curatorial side of electronic music since founding The Tank, a Manhattan-based performance space for the emerging arts, in 2003. He curated hundreds of experimental music events at The Tank, and from that position co-founded two annual festivals of electronic music – Blip Festival and Bent Festival – which are now in their fifth and seventh years respectively. With his Blip Festival partners Josh Davis and Jeremiah Johnson, Mike helps oversee the 8bitpeoples record label of chip music and organizes Blip Festival events around the world. He is also the digital and online strategy manager for the rock band OK Go as well as the manager of their label, Paracadute.

Mike Rosenthal

Miranda Wheen is a dancer and choreographer. She has a BA(Dance) and is currently completing an Honours thesis on the special relationship a dancer has with their pelvis. This is partly inspired by studying traditional and contemporary African dance at Ecole des Sables, School of the Sands, in Senegal and partly from messing around in empty studios. She is a member of Mirramu Dance Company and Shaun Parker and Company, which premiered Happy As Larry as this year’s Sydney Festival. She is also a regular performer in the Sydney independent dance scene. Traditional dance techniques and rhythms have deeply informed her movement style and vocabulary.

Miranda Wheen

Miyuki Jokiranta is a radio-maker, a linguist and dilettante festival director. She has freelanced for National Public Radio, WFMU, the ABC, free103.9, YLE and Radio Itinerante producing pieces on acoustic ecology, cultural poverty reduction, youth AIDS, and societal snapshots for spacetime capsules. Recently she has become interested in how art can push the sustainability frontline and set up the not-for-profit, seven thousand oaks, as a vehicle for the arts to contribute, engage and shape the sustainability dialogue. In Winter 2010, seven thousand oaks hosted its inaugural festival with over 20 artists presenting works in and outside venues across Melbourne.

Miyuki Jokiranta

Naomi Milthorpe is a Canberra writer and arts worker. She is publicist at The Street Theatre, literature tutor at ANU and until recently was editor of Exhibitionist in BMA Magazine.

Naomi Milthorpe

Nat Grant is a percussionist, sound-artist, composer and teacher whose experiences include playing in pop, classical, experimental and new music groups. In 2009 she branched out on her own under the name ‘mellow kitty’, and some of her first performances in this format were at the Y2K9 International Live Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, California. She was the first Australian artist to perform at this festival in its 9-year history, and has been invited back in 2010. Nat works predominantly as a freelance artist and her experiences as a performer also encompass orchestral, theatre and session work, as well as new compositions for puppetry, theatre and dance. She is currently studying her Master’s of Music (performance/composition) at the VCA, and performs regularly at venues around Melbourne.

Nat Grant

nick keys has grazed knees from doing too many slide tackles at soccer. how many hours a day do you have to be thinking about soccer before you clinically qualify as obsessed? this obsession will really be put to the test in june 2010 when he will be starting a masters in fine arts at bard college in upstate new york. this intensive summer semester clashes directly with the world cup in south africa. perhaps if he makes art based on the structural patterns of a soccer game then everything wil be ok.

nick keys

Pauline Manley has been a dancer for many years. Through phenomenology, movement became an act of discovery, freed from tyranny of past knowledge and sedimented habit. Improvisation is the performance ever unfolding.

Pip Stafford‘s practice includes instructive and interactive works concerned with personal rituals and group communication. She has shown at the Next Wave Festival, Six A Artist Run Initiative and Casula Powerhouse.

Pip Stafford

The Red Button is a performance company focused on exploring new territory through collaboration. Their latest project, ‘Object Manipulation Research Lab’, challenges the concept of experimental by involving the audience in the experiment. It is a true experiment in that the researchers, along with the audience, do not know what the results of their research will be.

Ryszard Dabek is an artist and full-time lecturer in Film and Digital Art at Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. Much of his work coalesces around ideas engaged with the recent past and in particular the idea of a present haunted by the spectral vestiges of Modernity.

Ryszard Dabek

Sam Henning is Australia’s premier expert in Bubbleuation and brass instrument disembowelling, with a MDA in anything he can make up.

CA Co-director Sarah Caufield has mail delivered to both Melbourne and Vancouver. She plays with community radio, photography, music from the fringes, bicycles, cultural theory, sustainable design, food politics and asking ‘Why?’.

Sarah Caufield

CA Coordinator Scott Brewer is a PhD candidate in contemporary Australian literature at the University of Newcastle. Occasionally, he teaches there too, but for the most part he loiters round the photocopier. He has recently been published in JASAL.

Scott Brewer

Scott Brewer

Siobhan Hodge is a 21-year-old doctoral candidate at the University of Western Australia, and her thesis aims to identify a feminist tradition in Sapphic-inspired poetry through images of obsession. Born in the UK, Siobhan lives alternately in Australia and Hong Kong, and is particularly interested in literary explorations of intersections between gender, race and culture. She is an aspiring author, occasional literary critic, and poetry enthusiast who divides her time between PhD studies, karate, training and obsessing over horses, and making biscuit-themed jewellery.

Siobhan Hodge

Sonja Hornung is a Melbourne-based student interested in art and art-writing. She has recently returned from study in Berlin and is currently working towards Honours in Visual Media. Her work has featured in group exhibitions at George Paton Gallery, the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and MUDFEST. Sonja uses simple materials to document the gap between ideals and reality and is interested in art as a form of social interaction and as a means to enact a narrative, to tell a truth.

Stu Hatton is a Melbourne-based poet, blogger and freelancer who teaches writing and editing at Deakin University. His interests include remixing text, addiction and chin-stroking. He has a book in the pipeline entitled How to be Hungry. You can find him at

Stu Hatton

Tega Brain is an artist and engineer whose background includes studies in environmental engineering, physics and visual art. Her transdisciplinary practice aims to destroy the silos and explore new perspectives an the intersection of these fields. Her work playfully focuses on technology and the environment.

Tim Wright is a PhD candidate at Monash University, writing about contemporary Australian poetry.

Tim Wright

Tom Lee is a PhD candidate with the Writing and Society Research Group at UWS. His PhD topic is constituted by a preoccupation with W. G. Sebald’s prose fiction, he someday hopes to write books on the significance and hypnotic capacity of parking cones, a poetic history of hairdressing, and a narrative tribute to pop icon Roisin Murphy. He lives in Annandale, eats dates, drinks tea, prefers Bronte beach, and is presently listening to the T. V. over his left shoulder.

Tom Lee

Tully Arnot creates large scale inflated sculptures and architectural spaces. Originally exploring different geometric or figurative structures, he has since moved towards the use of found materials to influence final forms. The nature of these remnants defines the shape of the work, resulting in more abstract forms. This process also produces innovative surfaces, which layer it with reference to their previous manifestation.

Tully Arnot

Waldo Garrido is a PhD candidate at the Macquarie University where he was awarded an APA Scholarship. Waldo has a Master of Design Science from the University of Sydney and a BA First Class Honours (Contemporary Music Studies) from Macquarie University. Waldo is also a lecturer and tutor at Macquarie University. Waldo has written and produced two Latin solo albums; ‘Dejame Tocarte’, a South American release through Sony, and ‘Loco’, released by FMG. Waldo was a member of the Catholics. As a composer/producer he has worked with artists like: Disco Montego, Mark Walton, and Anthony Copping.


2203 Collective is a group of artists – Matthew Rochford, Alexis Armytage, Jacqueline Olivetti, David Urquhart – based around the inner-west of Sydney, initially springing from the Don’t Look Gallery in Dulwich Hill.

2203 Collective - Matthew Rochford
2203 Collective – Matthew Rochford

Meg Ulman, Zephyr Ogden Jones and Patrick Jones constitute the Artist as Family.

Artist as Family: Meg Ulman, Zephyr Ogden Jones, Patrick Jones
Artist as Family: Meg Ulman, Zephyr Ogden Jones, Patrick Jones

James Arvanitakis is an activist-academic whose research areas include hope, trust, citizenship and applying sociological theory to everyday contexts.

James Arvanitakis
James Arvanitakis

Hanif Baharin is doing a PhD in Interaction Design at The University of Queensland. He is exploring the affective aspects of sound in interactive technology.

Hanif Baharin
Hanif Baharin

Victoria Bennett is a Melbourne-based artist and curator. She fights crimes against fashion by day, and battles post-feminism at night.

Clare Rae, Victoria Bennett, Lyndal Walker
Clare Rae, Victoria Bennett, Lyndal Walker

Danielle Bentley is a cellist, writer, researcher and festival curator with an excessive interest in experimental cross-genre and multi-artform collaborative performance.

Danielle Bentley
Danielle Bentley

Scott Brewer is a PhD candidate in contemporary Australian literature at the University of Newcastle. Occasionally, he teaches there too, but for the most part he loiters round the photocopier. He has recently been published in JASAL.

Scott Brewer
Scott Brewer

Margi Brown Ash’sprofessional life includes being an Actor/Director/Devisor/Educator/Psychotherapist. Margi facilitates workshops for artists aimed at developing resilience and sustainability.

Miriam Chatt has just returned from studying at Universität der Künste Berlin, currently studies sculpture at SCA, makes and designs objects and shapes and spaces, and hopes, in the near future, to own a dog.

Miriam Chatt
Miriam Chatt

Trudy Clutterbok is an ex-artist and current psychotherapist informed by and involved with Freudian/Lacanian psychoanalysis. She’s interested in bears, imaginary geography, rurality and madness.

Trudy Clutterbok
Trudy Clutterbok

Rebecca Conroy is an interdisciplinary performance maker, writer/researcher and curator, working across the areas of community culture development, devised performance and practice-based research.

Rebecca Conroy
Rebecca Conroy

Stuart Cooke was born in 1980 and grew up in Sydney and Hobart. His poetry, fiction and essays have been published in most Australian literary magazines. In 2007 Picaro Press published his translation of Juan Garrido Salgado’s Once Poemas en Septiembre, 1973. He is working on two poetry manuscripts, and is stuck somewhere in the middle of a PhD.

Stuart Cooke
Stuart Cooke

Jenna Corcoran is an emerging Melbourne artist, has exhibited solo and in groups shows locally, is currently a Visual Art PhD Candidate and Sessional Lecturer at Victoria University.

Jenna Corcoran
Jenna Corcoran

Jim Cuomo. Composer, saxophonist, cineaste. 8-Bit, chamber music, video games, film scores, jazz pieces. Lives in Paris – plays jazz, classical, pop.

Jim Cuomo
Jim Cuomo

Gerwyn Davies is currently studying Photography at QCA, working somewhere between art and fashion with medium format film, focusing upon iconic physical form and its inevitable decomposition.

Gerwyn Davies
Gerwyn Davies

Jacquelene Drinkall is an artist, theorist and holds a PhD in Art History and Theory. Her ongoing Weatherman UFOlogy project has previously shown at Firstdraft, Sydney, and Kings ARI, Melbourne.

Jacquelene Drinkall
Jacquelene Drinkall

Penny Duff is a writer and sound artist from New York, exploring ways that sound can be used to create new forms of communal life.

Penny Duff
Penny Duff

Keegan Eastcott is a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland. His research is an exploration of hope and impossible ideals in human thought and action.

Keegan Eastcott
Keegan Eastcott

Michael Farrell is a PhD student at Melbourne University. He has published 3 books of poetry: ode ode (Salt), BREAK ME OUCH – a cartoon book (3 Deep), and a raiders guide (Giramondo).

Michael Farrell
Michael Farrell

Meredith Godley is a performance artist who is currently studying a Doctorate of Creative Art at Curtin University. She has exhibited her work locally and nationally.

Meredith Godley
Meredith Godley

Britt Guy thinks all the time. She often thinks about aesthetics, community development and arts and educational outreach. She has used her thoughts to work on programming/producing festivals, and currently she works in Logan as the Youth Outreach Librarian.

Britt Guy
Britt Guy

Jennifer Hamilton. Now: PhD. School: CoFA and UNSW. Work: Lecturer and tutor at UNSW. Like: bike riding and reading.

Jennifer Hamilton
Jennifer Hamilton

Stu Hatton is a Melbourne-based poet, blogger and freelancer who teaches creative writing at Deakin University. He has a book-in-progress entitled How to be hungry.

Stu Hatton
Stu Hatton

Ignorance Collective is a group of researchers, academics, students and practitioners who take as their starting point the belief that the function of art is to make people aware of their ignorance. Ignorance Collective comprises Prof Jen Webb, Sarah St Vincent Welch, Paul Collis, Dr Kavita Nandan, Dr Jordan Williams and Dr Paul Magee.

Paul Magee - Ignorance Collective
Paul Magee – Ignorance Collective
Sarah St Vincent Welch - Ignorance Collective
Sarah St Vincent Welch – Ignorance Collective

Jill Jones’ most recent books are: Broken/Open; Fold Unfold, poems written in response to paintings; and a ‘tiny’ handwritten book, Speak Which.

Jill Jones
Jill Jones

Patrick Jones is a writer, artist and permaculturalist who makes books, films, music, gardens and graphic essays based on ecology and the arts. (See photo above under Artist as Family)

Dion Kagan is: academic researcher of no great distinction moonlighting as arts-scene whore seeks role in independent, community-based publishing organisation as post-millennial freelance editor critic.

Dion Kagan
Dion Kagan

Currently crawling her way through a uni course, Hannah Kinlyside is a bit of a smartarse. She doesn’t make art, she just fucks around enough to get by.

Hannah Kinlyside
Hannah Kinlyside

Elena Knox works across theatre, video, fine art, sound, text, theory and performance. Her writing is published in Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand.

Elena Knox
Elena Knox

Emma Konnaris is a young artist operating out of a too-small studio. When she’s not creating art, she’s subtly force-feeding friends and family members.

Emma Konnaris
Emma Konnaris

Fiona Lee is a visual artist currently studying Honours in Fine Art at Newcastle University. Confessed lover of bricks.

Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee

Marianna Leishman (aka Zahra Stardust) is a pole dancing instructor, trapeze artist, feminist activist, writer and lawyer, and is writing her thesis on political activism, gender subversion and feminism in erotic performance.

Marianna Leishman - Zahra Stardust
Marianna Leishman – Zahra Stardust

Astrid Lorange was co-director of Critical Animals in 2008. She is writing a PhD on the poetics of Gertrude Stein, and working on a new media poetry collaboration, ‘Geometries of Attention,’ to be exhibited in early 2010.

Astrid Lorange
Astrid Lorange

MEAT is a Hunter-based emerging artist collective devoted to ignoring, breaking and disregarding normal constructs and confines. They are Todd Fuller, Amy Hill, Ell O’Connor, Aksara Harriram and Mel Chalker.


Derek Motion is a fictional being whose patience has outgrown the limitations of the short bio. Nevertheless, he is a poet, a PhD student, and Director of the Booranga Writers’ Centre.

Derek Motion
Derek Motion

‘What is the matter!’ cried Jal Nicholl, bouncing into the room. ‘Heavens, what do I see! Julia! Julia! Look up, my life, look up!’

Jal Nicholl
Jal Nicholl

Carly Norman is a writer and critic who thinks words are the most wonderful things in the world. She has a particular interest in the relationship between language and reality.  She likes Rene Girard, Jane Austen, and all kinds of pie.

Carly Norman
Carly Norman

Ella O’Keefe has made radio for 2SER and The Night Air on ABC Radio National and is completing honours is writing and cultural studies with a thesis on the poetry of Barbara Guest.

Ella O'Keefe
Ella O’Keefe

Rachel O’Reilly is a writer, editor and curator, currently researching an MA on Aernout Mik, trauma politics and contemporary installation art, and working as a curatorial consultant to MAAP Multimedia Art Asia Pacific.

Zephyr Ogden Jones is a seven year old boy who enjoys new adventures, and is one of seventeen students at his school in Central Victoria. He is one third of the Artist as Family. (See photo above under Artist as Family)

Patches are a newly formed artistic duo – Stella McDonald and Anique Vered – delving into multi-disciplinary creativity. They are: lasses, interested, new, curious, multi-taskers, committed, gobsmacked, dreaming.

Stella McDonald - Patches
Stella McDonald – Patches
Anique Vered - Patches
Anique Vered – Patches

Mathew Paul is a postgraduate philosopher based at the University of Queensland. He is currently researching the presence and role of Plato in the work of Jacques Derrida.

Mathew Paul
Mathew Paul

Maddy Phelan: Zine Master and organiser of events. Fond of Museums. Frequently seen in animal hats. NYWF Zine Coordinator alumni. Co-organiser of Wollongong City Gallery Zine Fair.

Clare Rae photographs herself in strange positions in the name of art. She’s recently been dragging out an honours degree in Fine Art at RMIT. (See photo above under Victoria Bennett)

Narinda Reedersis a media artist and web developer with a interest in the blurry boundary between public and private.

Aden Rolfe is a Melbourne-based writer, curator and radiomaker whose work traverses poetry, collage and cultural studies. He is interested in crows, memory and poetics.

Aden Rolfe
Aden Rolfe

Joel Scott completed Honours in Writing and Cultural Studies at UTS in 2007, which now seems like a long time ago. He is a prospective PhD candidate in translation studies.

Joel Scott
Joel Scott

Lou Smith is in the midst of a creative writing PhD. She also makes radio and plays in the soon-to-be-famous Suzanne Grae and the Katies.

Lou Smith
Lou Smith

Tai Snaith is an artist, curator and recently a producer at Next Wave. She has just returned from an Australia Council residency in Tokyo.

Meg Ulman is a writer, blogger and teacher who is currently undertaking a book project on the issues of the modern day stepmother. She is one third of the Artist as Family. (See photo above under Artist as Family)

Nicolas Vogelpoel makes art. He is tired of art that fixes things and people. He wants to know how to make art that is cathartic.

Nicolas Vogelpoel
Nicolas Vogelpoel

Lyndal Walker is an artist and sometimes curator who talks too much in class. With The Hotham Street Ladies she bombs the streets of Melbourne with confectionery. (See photo above under Victoria Bennett)

What Makes Men Blush (Emma Maye Gibson and Charlotte Farrell) is a performance collective that has hijacked Burlesque as a form to exercise boundaries, expectations, stereotypes and injustice.

What Makes Men Blush (Emma Maye Gibson and Charlotte Farrell)
What Makes Men Blush (Emma Maye Gibson and Charlotte Farrell)

James Willoughby is a 21 year old honours student in Creative Writing. His undergraduate degree was focused on Philosophy, in which he had modest success.

James Willoughby
James Willoughby

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