Critical Animalia: Target One Reached!


A high-pitched scream of utmost gratitude to all that have contributed to our Animalia Pozible campaign. In an exhilarating period of just over 66 hours, we reached our initial marker, and even a little more. This means, as you know, our journal project is officially HAPPENING! We can’t even begin to thank everyone enough. Champagne is necessary; lucky it’s a Sunday. 

In particular, Critical Animals would like to extend our thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Gillian, Mike and Jennifer McAuliffe. We look forward to working with the Bold Park Community School in the future.   

The bubbly tastes sweet, but it could taste sweeter. I look at the calender and see we have 27 days to go. is still live and still accepting pledges. There are still over 60 journals that we’ve allocated to our incentive initiative. Our initial set target will just cover costs, and even then, only by the tightest of margins. Due to the overwhelming amount of support we’ve received, we’ve reevaluated our strategic plan and would like to stretch it further to make the production quality of Critical Animalia as outstanding as it’s proposed content. The more pledges we receive, the richer the printed page quality, the more pages we can print, the more copies we can produce. A Decade between Disciplines might be a limited print, but we’d like to print as many as possible. We’re also currently set for black and white print – with further support we can even think about color printing, which is something we never really thought possible.

If you can, we urge you, please keep pledging, and encouraging others that you know to do so too. We’re absolutely thrilled as to where we’re at at the moment and plan to channel this enthusiasm into making this project the best it can be. 

Thanks again, and again, and again, and again, 

Critical Animals x       

Party photo by Clayton Flores:


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Critical Animalia: Campaign Launched!

So the project we’ve been riffing about is finally here:  tonight we launch our Animalia campaign to help raise the funds to produce for our tenth anniversary publication Critical Animalia: A Decade between Disciplines. In fact, wait, look, it’s on, it’s live, NOW. Our campaign will only last 30 days and will be speckled with promotional videos, announcements and surprises. We ask you ever kindly, if you can spare it, please pledge to our campaign and help make this project happen. Any pledge over $30 will secure you a physical copy of the journal, to be picked up at your leisure at the Animalia launch (or posted out subsequent to TiNA). In other words, a $30 pledge is pretty much a lay-by of your copy. Excellent! Of course, as you pledge higher, the rewards get even better.

We have a lot riding on this and appreciate all the support we can muster. We have set a modest target although we’re earnestly hoping to trump it, to ensure all costs are covered, all articles are printed, and all incentives met. The more pledges we receive, the more pages we can print, the better the publication, the better the launch party!

Please click on the link for more information: We’ll keep you posted as to how we’re going throughout the the month. If you can think of anyone you know who might be interested in supporting this project, please don’t hesitate to forward through this call out. Alternatively, like it on fb, retweet it, text it or scribble our deets on the closest cubicle wall.

Also, watch Tulleah, Denise and Eleanor being clever: and have a read of the write up below.
A big shout out to CA’13 Artist Dylan Hammond for help with the filming, editing and emotional support.

Thanks a million everyone, let’s speak soon, it’s ON!


Critical Animals

Inspired by the fabulous contributions and relationships that have emerged through the annual Critical Animals symposium, the publication will address questions regarding what it means to think or act critically today. Exploiting creative, analytical, written and visual formats, the publication will showcase Australian artworks and written pieces that challenge the relegation of critical thought to conventional academic fora, highlighting the intimate links between creativity and criticality as they appear in diverse forms.

Critical Animals have teamed up with Sydney-based project manager Denise Thwaites and designer Evelyn Kwok to produce the inaugural edition of the Critical Animals journal.

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Creative Ecologies Retreat Call Out

As usual, it’s been a busy last few weeks in CA headquarters. Lots of interesting conversations, weird diagrams, black coffee and costume contemplations. A big thank you to all the clever critters who applied to contribute to our Journal; we’ll be with you shortly. Before we do so, however, we’d like to direct your attention to the following call out, aimed at Higher Degree Research Students engaged in creative writing doctorates. Applications close 28th June.

The Writing & Society Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney is hosting a four day writing program titled ‘Creative Ecologies: A Postgraduate Retreat in Creative Arts Scholarship’.

This retreat, targeted at postgraduate students engaged in research that incorporates a creative writing component and exegesis, seeks to develop an awareness of the connection between creative and critical discourses such that students can approach the writing process with more confidence while developing their skills as creative research-writers. Presentations, panels, writing workshops and writing circles will be given and facilitated by both the Centre’s academics (Prof. Ivor Indyk, Prof. Gail Jones, Assoc. Prof. Hart Cohen, Dr Mridula Nath Chakraborty, Dr Matt McGuire, Dr Milissa Deitz, Dr Rachel Morley) as well as visiting academics (Prof. Donna Lee Brien, Assoc. Prof Marion May Campbell, Dr Antonia Pont, Dr Keri Glastonbury, Prof Jen Webb).

For more information, please visit 

Will be in touch soon, for now keep on keeping on x

– Critical Animals

Photo: Jeff Wall – ‘Boy falling out of tree’ 2010.

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The Critical Animals Journal Is Open For Submissions

We have been promising you fine folk some news for a while now. It is finally here!


panda in a trolley

We are!

We are very very happy to launch the call out for our upcoming journal project.



Over the past ten years, the Critical Animals Creative Research Symposium has seen its dynamic community of thinkers and practitioners evolve and transform. To mark this milestone in 2013, we will be producing the inaugural edition of a Critical Animals Journal (title to be confirmed). This edition will reflect upon the extraordinary contributions and relationships that have emerged through this annual symposium since its inception in 2003. We will be looking for contributions from past and present participants in Critical Animals, encouraging submissions that exploit creative, analytical, written and visual formats. You may have a personal anecdote you wish to share, a particular concept or problem you want to examine, or a past contribution made to Critical Animals that you’d like to resubmit. You may even want to create and document a new work or write a love poem dedicated to Critical Animals. Whatever your inclination, we’d love to hear about it. Our target audience are people like you; so don’t be shy to express yourself in a scholarly, experimental or comical style.

To put things in perspective, 10 human years is equivalent to 28 pony years, 50 goat years, 53 dog years and 79 bearded-dragon years. Any way you look at it, this is enough time to start reflecting upon the status of critical thought and practice today. We’d like to know: What do you think it means to think or act critically? Has your understanding of this term changed over the past ten years? Can you envisage what challenges or opportunities the next ten years might pose for criticality? How has/does Critical Animals engage with criticality?

The deadline for contributor proposals is the 31 May. Please submit approx 100 – 200 words describing your proposed article/work for the Critical Animals Journal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Denise at .

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It’s beginning to look a lot like criticality


Woah. What a weekend of productivity. A Critical Animals ’13 status update:

On Friday we went on a Newcastle adventure to scout ’13 venues, and while we’re not going to give too much away just yet, we’re getting very, very excited. Whilst away we caught up with some old friends in Newie, including our  favorite team at United Services who we can confirm will return to host our beloved Nights at the Gun Club. We’ve also got some new venues rolled tentatively up our sleeves which are going to take this year’s program above and beyond; more on this later.

Sat’dy was spent in a reverie of program delights, fueled by caffeine, postal notes and crackers. The quality and diversity of the applications has been truly overwhelming – everything from authorial legitimacy to indigenous architecture, autism and creativity to correct apostrophe usage, digital genetics to psychodynamic exercise tapes, and mathematics to the mythology of Lady Gaga… our heads are still spinning. We’re putting together a program both worthy and reflective of the past ten years of critical thought: new connections, good friends and wild ideas. We’ll be looking at where we’ve been and where we’re going, as well as taking a moment to take stock of the contemporary critical climate. Hopefully we’ll be shaking a few ex-directors out of our family tree to come along for the 10 year party.

And believe us kids, there will be a party.

Sunday was spent with the wonderful family. Lots of coffee, brainstorming and good cheer. With all these plans we sometimes we forget that CA is only one slice of a very creative pie. We can’t express our gratitude to be working with these people.

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout the year. Keep well, keep thinking, we’ll speak to you soon.

Critical Animals xx

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One Week Left!

Happy Birthday

Darling Animals.

There’s one week left to get your proposals in. We’re already seeing some brilliant ideas rolling in and can’t wait to see more. Did we mention it is our birthday? We’re 10! All we want for a present is you, your enthusiasm, ideas and creative passion. Panels, papers, projects, exhibitions, forums and any other crazy ideas you might have. We want to hear them all.

Check out the call out here

Proposals due April 1st.



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Call for Proposals 2013!


Hey there Faithful Followers and New Recruits,

This year Critical Animals and This is Not Art will take place in Newcastle, NSW from 3-6th October, 2013.

We are now calling for proposals for the 2013 Festival. To mark our tenth-anniversary we hope to make this year bigger, better and full of surprises. But we need your help!
Got a project, work in progress or burning idea you need a forum to discuss? Drop us a line.

Download the Call Out details  – Call for Proposals 2013

Submit proposals, ideas and any questions to by April 1, 2013.

Please feel free to circulate this call-out to your networks.

We can’t wait,

Tulleah, Sophie, Beau and Eleanor.
Critical Animals 2013


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